The PRODcast with Ken Lonyai

Are you a part of a product org or want to be?

If you said yes, this is the show for you!

The PRODcast is a very insightful look into the product world from my extensive, storied, never a dull moment career perspective. That means influences earned from my roles as: entrepreneur/co-founder, UX director, product strategist, technology analyst, product owner, product manager, and consultant, for companies of every size and multiple verticals.

Topics range from the fundamentals to the enlightening, with tips, observations, inspiration, and a few laughs, to help you on your product journey.

Sometimes special guests may drop in to share their experiences and opinions.

Episodes are short, focused, and lively, so that you can quickly soak up relevant wisdom and get on with your day.

New episodes are released each month.

Ideal for: head of product, product managers, product owners, business analysts, scrum masters, engineers, project managers, product leadership, entrepreneurs, and anyone that wants to learn about the product process.




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Bad Leadership - Bad Product #04 - coming soon
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When Agile is for You and Not Them #06 - coming soon
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Qualities of a Succesful PM #08 - coming soon
Who are My Customers? #09 - coming soon
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Why Your Product May Never Breath Life #12 - coming soon